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Partenariat : Verein für humanitäre Hilfe rend visite à ses bénéficiaires

Partnership: Verein für humanitäre Hilfe visits its beneficiaries

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It was in November 2019 that the association Verein für humanitäre Hilfe (Humanitarian Aid Association) and the RAVI Foundation began their partnership. The RAVI Foundation has since welcomed more than half a dozen young learners from the humanitarian aid association in several fields. Three months later, the head of the association came to take the news of its beneficiaries.

There are seven beneficiaries in total to begin the the beneficiary’s path. This path, defined by the RAVI Foundation, takes place in seven steps and helps to guarantee the beneficiary’s empowerment through the creation and development of successful and sustainable businesses. In three months, they successively crossed the steps of business profiling, professional and qualifying training and now incubation corresponding to the internship period and practical experiences. They were thus able to learn and perfect each other in trades such as agriculture, aquaculture, catering, sewing and, for some, agriculture integrated with aquaculture. After discussions with the guides and the beneficiaries, the head of the association, Alexandra JEHLE, did not hide her satisfaction at seeing the work already accomplished in such a short time: “My impressions are very good, very positive. I see that the coaching is good, they learn a lot. A question of my exchanges with them, I see that their personality is already developed, they have more confidence in themselves, they are more autonomous, more smiling, really they have discovered a lot. They are happy to learn and I am very convinced. “

In this so-called “laboratory” phase, the learners improve day by day and surprise the same supervisors. The association, which finances them intends to continue, its support to beneficiaries, it which has decided to change the sponsorship system that it offers to young students to adapt it to the reality of employment in Burkina Faso : “For us it’s a start, it’s an attempt to collaborate with the RAVI Foundation. These seven young people that we support are examples, we will support them to the end, that’s for sure and afterwards we’ll see what we can do. If we can still choose other young people (…) ”.

Partnership: Verein für humanitäre Hilfe visits its beneficiaries

Partnership: Verein für humanitäre Hilfe visits its beneficiaries

As a reminder, Verein für humanitäre Hilfe is an aid association which since 2001 has been helping people in need in West Africa, in particular children and young people, in the areas of food security, health and education. She has to her credit several projects and programs implemented in Burkina Faso including the Center for Children in Need “The Holy Innocents”, the Savannah Hospital “Shalom”, emergency medical care “Lafi” and student sponsorship programs.

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